Tooth(paste) Powder

Tooth(paste) Powder

Our toothpowder is the perfect plastic-free and natural alternative to commercial toothpaste.


    Commercial toothpaste often comes in a plastic tube, packed in cardboard box and sealed with plastic, and we hate that conventional toothpaste contain hormone disruptors like triclosan and fluoride, unnecessary artificial sweeteners, and foaming agents like SLS which is linked with various cancers.


    Our tooth(paste) powder is made of just three simple and natural necessary ingredients to keep your teeth healthy, clean and stain-free:


    1. Organic Bentonite Clay - binds with free radicals, toxins, bacteria, and harmful substances so they can be removed from the mouth. It's also known to contain an abundance of beneficial trace minerals and vitamins, which help to remineralise our teeth with calcium and magnesium. Our organic bentonite clay is also safe to use internally for removal of toxins in body, making our toothpowder safe for even kids.


    2. Food grade baking soda - neutralizes pH in mouth making it more challenging for bacteria to grow, dislodges plaque on teeth, breaks down stain-causing molecules


    3. Peppermint Oil - for its minty freshness.


    Weight: 100g


    Pour toothpowder onto a shallow sauce dish. Dip damp toothbrush bristles into tooth powder and brush teeth until clean. Use as it is or add coconut oil for a paste-y mixture of your liking.


    Lasts up to 5 months

    Shelf life: 1.5 years


    Organic Bentonite Clay, Food Grade Baking Soda, Peppermint Essential Oil


    Love it?

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    Alternatively, reuse glass bottle to keep accessories, jewelries, spices or other knick knacks.