Reusable Cotton Pads

Reusable Cotton Pads

Natural, Reusable, Non-Toxic, Compostable, Made with Love.


Our homemade oh-so-soft cotton pads are the perfect alternative to wasteful facial rounds and cotton balls.


    Did you know that cotton is often deemed as the world's "dirtiest" crop as it requires heavy doses of potent insecticides? Aldicarb, one of the most commonly used insecticide for cotton, can kill a man with just one drop absorbed into the skin.


    Switching to reusable cotton pads is not only good for our skin but it prevents (or at the very least, reduce) the use of such pesticides from seeping into our groundwater.


    Our homemade double-sided cotton pads are made from super soft cotton flannel which is gentle on skin. They are made in squares (and not rounds) to prevent wastage and packaged sustainably in compostable labels. The durable fabric lasts many washes, making them one of your easiest cost-saving zero-waste switches ever!



    15pcs per set

    9cm x 6cm


    Use in place of disposable cotton pads or cotton wool as part of your skincare routine and throw them into your wash between uses to reuse over and over again!


    100% Cotton Fannel


    Compost it, repurpose it or recycle it.