Soap Tray

Soap Tray

Think that the best things in life come in three (soaps) but can't keep them organised? Mushy soaps and crowded shower space? Wet countertops and vanishing soap bars?

We've got you covered!


    It's no news we love soap bars - from shampooing, shaving, cleansing our face and body, showers are just better with them!


    What we didn't love so much? Working out how to store them. Between trying to keep them dry on our loofahs, keeping them in mismatched soap dishes, and arranging them in order so that we don't mix them up, our soaps didn't have a proper home.


    Our Soap Trays, like most of our products, are serial multi-taskers. Use them for your dish soap and sponge, as an everyday tray for your toothbrush and razor or a serving bedside tray for jewelries and pocket change. Or simply, to keep your soaps in orderly fashion.


    Did we mention that they are double-sided with different patterns? Functional and beautiful - we do not compromise one for the other.


    Size: 26.5cm x 11.5cm x 2.5cm

    Weight: 300-400g


    To care, rinse regularly and keep dry.


    Made from natural pine wood, which makes each tray unique with its own grain, colour and pattern.


    Recyclable and compostable.