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How did everything begin?

I'd like to think that The Clean Attempt materialised from our innate desire to firstly, share what is important to us and secondly, do something to make a positive change. I truly believe that good intentions are found in every one of us and deep inside, we really do want to make a difference.


I started my low waste journey after I'd happened upon an advertisement shared by a friend on Facebook - it very simply pointed out that every plastic toothbrush which has ever been used still exists on earth today. That sounded preposterous to me at that time - how could it be true? It threw me into an almost obsessive state of reading and research to find out more about plastic waste and how it affects the environment, our ocean, our beloved planet. What I came to discover, I decided very quickly, I could not un-see and I want to do something about it.


It started with the smallest of things - simple swaps, speaking about zero waste at dinner, gifting eco-kits at Christmas - before I began to realise that it wasn't that people do not care or do not want to share, but it's the fact that people are not enabled to make a change. Where do we get bamboo toothbrushes? How can I compost? What sustainable changes can I make in the kitchen?


To me, that is what The Clean Attempt is all about. Sharing. Enabling. Making a Difference. I strive to design, develop, produce, source and make high quality products which will not only provide eco warriors access to a low waste lifestyle, but to show that it can be sustainable, empowering and easily attainable - all without sacrificing style and function.

Why "the clean attempt"?

When I started my low waste journey, the amount of support which poured in was always my main motivator to keep going. Where would I be without the green community's open embrace? However, the pressure to go absolutely zero waste inevitaby descended on me (by no one but myself, no less). It was so important to remind myself that every little effort goes a long way. We're not here to preach a non-forgiving, zero-tolerance, all or nothing lifestyle. I know I’ve been put off in the past, where I felt like I didn’t know where to start or how to change my life completely, and therefore never did.


Thus, 'The Clean Attempt' was born, where the word 'Clean' is as important as the work 'Attempt'. In truth, we are all trying to make the world a better place in our own little ways, whether it’s saying no to plastic or using low-waste products. It’s ok to slip up or forget once in a while (even I accidentally take a plastic straw from time to time). I’m simply sharing with the world my attempt at a low-waste lifestyle, and offering tools in which you can, in whatever way suits you best, work towards clean living.

- Jacqueline Wong, Founder

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